The Pavillon Frais is located opposite the exquisite Pavillon Français with a wonderful site line between the two buildings, complementing one another. The beautiful and fanciful enclosed garden of the Pavillon Frais was unique to Versailles and additional focal points included two elongated water basins with two perfectly formed parterres. Preliminary excavations revealed that the interiors of these pools were decorated with mosaic tiling, not used anywhere else at Versailles. Topiary orange trees provided an alluring scent.

Sadly, the Pavillon Frais was demolished under Napoleon in 1810 and the parterres and basins in 1813. The Pavillon and its gardens were scheduled to be restored in 1980, but due to the lack of funds only the stone structure was done (without the garden, interiors, trelliswork and adornment). It has since fallen into disrepair and longs to be restored. With this in mind, the American Friends of Versailles have taken on this challenge.

America and France will, once again, unite within the cultural arena to help preserve the history and beauty of Versailles for future generations. With your help, interest, support and dedication, we hope to successfully complete the restoration of this historical jewel, the Pavillon Frais. Please join us in making this dream become a reality.

Merci Mille Fois!