Our goal is to improve and promote positive goodwill between our two nations on a long-term basis. As the world becomes smaller, with the expansion of international business and communications, our allies become of paramount importance. Versailles is the largest museum in the world with great historical ties to the United States, and more Americans visit the Chateau annually than almost any other individual museum within the United States. Versailles is recognized by UNESCO as an international world treasure and we are pleased to take part in its restoration and promotion.

The American Friends of Versailles (AFV) was established on June 30, 1998 as a charitable corporation for improving and promoting a positive American-French relationship. We serve as a sister organization to Les Amis de Versailles. AFV was and continues to be designated as the official representative for Versailles in the United States. The express purpose of the corporation is to encourage support of the Palace of Versailles and its gardens focusing on cultural interchange between the United States and France in the fields of education, architecture, fine and decorative arts, garden architecture and musical endeavors. We will raise funds for the support of seminars, educational exchange and specific restoration projects in the Palace and its gardens.

The American Friends of Versailles is dedicated to maintaining an active interest in this UNESCO-designated world-treasure in order to preserve its history and beauty for future generations.