The Treaty of Alliance of 1778 was a treaty between France and the United States, that was signed in Paris by American (among them Benjamin Franklin) and French officials on February 6, 1778. As stated in the Treaty, the two countries agreed to aid each other in the event of a British attack from the present time and forever, and also agreed that neither country would make amends with England until independence of the United States was recognized.

The Treaty also stated that neither America nor France would make any treaties with other countries unless diplomats from both countries were present. This alliance, also called the Franco-American Alliance, brought France into the American Revolutionary War, helping to tip the scales toward the American side, bringing an undeniable hope to the revolutionary cause.

In addition to the Treaty of Alliance, the Treaty of Amity and Commerce with France was also signed on February 6, 1778, promoting trade and commercial ties between the two countries.