The restoration work: The actual restoration work of the Trois Fontaines Bosquet started at the end of 2002. Since then, numerous teams of architects, hydraulic and fountain technicians, plumbers, carpenters, gardeners, and various specialized artisans have joined their skills to participate with enthusiasm, in the exemplary renaissance operation of this lost bosquet at Versailles. A high point occurred on December 16, 2003, when the momentous seven ton, lead shell, molded in the Atelier de Coubertin, was placed in the bosquet as the central ornament of the grande cascade. An emotional ceremony gathered the representatives of many of those who, in the United States and in France, have taken part in this project.

The Trois Fontaines Bosquet was inaugurated on Monday, June 14, 2004 following two years of restoration work. None of this extraordinary restoration could have been planned and carried through without the exceptional sponsorship and generosity of The American Friends of Versailles. Thanks to them, the millions of visitors are now able to admire Louis XIV’s favorite bosquet restored to its initial splendor in the gardens of Versailles. This is the latest expression of the great tradition of American patronage of Versailles, echoing the action instigated by the Rockefeller family after the Second World War to save Versailles from neglect.